Eclipse for Python in virtual Windows 10

Download  and install Java:

Download and install Python:

Download and install Eclipse Standard X.X (Luna):

  • Unzip contents to Program Files/Eclipse directory
  • Start eclipse.exe
  • Select a directory for your workspace
  • Close the Welcome page
  • Click Help and Install New Software. XX
  • Enter into the Work with text box and press Enter
  • Select only the top PyDev checkbox
  • Click Next, Next
  • Click Finish
  • The installation will pause, and a Selection Needed pop-up window appears. Check the box labeled Brainwy Software; Pydev; Brainwy. Click OK
  • Click Yes to restart Python
  • Click Window / Prefrences
  • Expand PyDef / Interpreters / Python Interpreter
  • Click New
  • Enter Python35 and select Python executable, click OK
  • Select all checkboxes / Click OK
  • Click OK
  • Click Allow Access
  • Click Window (to the left of Help on the far right of the line below this window’s blue title Java – Eclipse SDK), hover over Open Perspective in the pull-down menu and then click Other… in the next pull-down menu
  • Double-click PyDev
  • Right-click the Java icon to the left of the PyDev icon and select close

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