Change WordPress password via phpMyAdmin

Copied from a forum.

I’ve done it a number of times… just fire up phpMyAdmin – load up the MySql database for that website.

Go to wp_users table (or the first two letters, if you’re smart, will be different… ‘wp’ is the default)

ID #1 is the admin, you’ll see the Admin name (Which again, if you’re smart, will *NOT* be the default ‘admin’)

Now, see ‘user_pass’?

That’s the MD5 coded password.

Forget trying to hack it. What you’re going to do is replace it.

Google for any “MD5 Hash” generator – you’ll find plenty of them. Here is one that I used,

Enter your new password… for example: ‘password’

The MD5 Hash generator site will spit out:


I went to a completely different site, and ran another MD5 hash, and sure enough, it spits back:


So cut and paste -DON’T TRY TO ENTER IT BY HAND!

Checkmark the box to the left on user #1… then click the ‘change’ tab

Paste your new value under ‘user_pass’ value… (on the right…)

Now click ‘Go’.

Done… now simply go back to the site, and log in with your new password.

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