Data Loader en Security token

Security token

If your admin assigned you the “Two-Factor Authentication for API Logins” permission, use the code generated by an authenticator app, such as Salesforce Authenticator, for the security token value.

  1. From your personal settings, enter Reset in the Quick Find box, then select Reset My Security Token.
  2. Click Reset Security Token. The new security token is sent to the email address in your Salesforce personal settings.
A new security token is emailed to you when you reset your password. Or you can reset your token separately.

Data Loader

A security token is an automatically generated key that you must add to the end of your password in order to log in to Salesforce from an untrusted network. For example, if your password is mypassword, and your security token is XXXXXXXXXX, then you must enter mypasswordXXXXXXXXXX to log in. Security tokens are required whether you log in via the API or a desktop client such as Connect for Outlook, Connect Offline, Connect for Office, Connect for Lotus Notes, or the Data Loader.

DVD’s omzetten en ander Video zaken

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum


WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe



MKVToolNix is a set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files.


MKVCleaver is a front end (GUI) for MKVExtract.exe (from MKVToolNix package by Moritz Bunkus) which extracts data from MKV files.

MKVExtract is a command line tool and is capable of extracting tracks, attachments, tags, subtitles and other information from an MKV file, but it can only work with one file at a time. And many times if you are dealing with TV shows they come as many separate MKV files.

Miro Video Converter

Het programma is erg simpel opgebouwd en speciaal bedoeld voor het converteren naar mobiele apparaten.


Kan gebruikt worden voor omzetten DVD’s.

Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks.


Preparing for Salesforce Certified Administrator (ADM201)

Salesforce examens kunnen afgenomen worden in Rotterdam

ROC Albeda College
Weena 743
3013 AL Rotterdam

Registering for an Exam

  • Webassessor
    Inloggen met je username/ wachtwoord
    Click op ‘Register for a new exam
    Click op ‘Administrator exams
    Click op ‘Salesforce Certified Administrator (WI17)
    Click op ‘Register‘ bij ‘Onsite Proctored
    Vink aanzetten bij ‘ROC Albeda College‘ en click op ‘Select
    Selecteer de datum, een tijdstip en accepteer de voorwaarden door het vinkje aan te zetten en click vervolgens op ‘Select

Salesforce links

Salesforce certification

Salesforce documentation

Other sources


How to use PyCharm to debug Scrapy projects

Create a Python file on crawler folder on your project. I used

  • Project
    • Crawler
      • Crawler
        • Spiders
      • scrapy.cfg

Inside your put this code below.

from scrapy import cmdline    
cmdline.execute("scrapy crawl spider".split())

And you need to create a “Run Configuration” to run your

Doing this, if you put a breakpoint at your code it will stop there.

Change WordPress password via phpMyAdmin

Copied from a forum.

I’ve done it a number of times… just fire up phpMyAdmin – load up the MySql database for that website.

Go to wp_users table (or the first two letters, if you’re smart, will be different… ‘wp’ is the default)

ID #1 is the admin, you’ll see the Admin name (Which again, if you’re smart, will *NOT* be the default ‘admin’)

Now, see ‘user_pass’?

That’s the MD5 coded password.

Forget trying to hack it. What you’re going to do is replace it.

Google for any “MD5 Hash” generator – you’ll find plenty of them. Here is one that I used,

Enter your new password… for example: ‘password’

The MD5 Hash generator site will spit out:


I went to a completely different site, and ran another MD5 hash, and sure enough, it spits back:


So cut and paste -DON’T TRY TO ENTER IT BY HAND!

Checkmark the box to the left on user #1… then click the ‘change’ tab

Paste your new value under ‘user_pass’ value… (on the right…)

Now click ‘Go’.

Done… now simply go back to the site, and log in with your new password.